Cross-pollinating Batman with other superheroes tends to yield mixed results at best, especially if those characters have an ethos which is completely antithetical to that of the Dark Knight. For instance, when Mark Millar and Steve McNiven pitched the namesake character of their four-issue miniseries <em>Nemesis</em> as, what if Batman was the Joker, it made me cringe with the fear of the asinine levels a conceit like this could reach, and subsequently brought those fears to fruition and then some. When “what if Batman but [blank]” ideas are under DC Comics' sanction, the results fare a bit better than the hedonistic white-clad nutcase in <em>Nemesis</em>, and now, one of the best version of this thought experiment come to life is the titular anti-hero of <a href=""><em>The Batman Who Laughs</em>: <em>The Grim Knight </em></a>#1.

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Posted on Mar 13, 2019 - 74 days 4 hours ago   from Comic Book Resources

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