It's Valentine's Day, and as the air grows thick with Cupid's arrows, the Geeks choose this special occasion to celebrate--you guessed it--ARCHERY in comics! We're pulling the 'Introducing' format from the quiver and using it to take aim at the first appearances of a few of comics' most bodacious bowmen: Green Arrow and Speedy (More Fun Comics #73), Hawkeye the Marksman (Tales of Suspense #57), and Obadiah Archer (Archer & Armstrong #0). If you're drawn to pointed commentary and on-target historical analysis, this episode hits the bull's-eye! (Hey, don't 'nock' it 'til you've tried it!) (1:14:16)

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Duration: 1:14:16

Posted on Feb 13, 2019 - 152 days 4 hours ago   from Comic Geek Speak

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