Powers of X #1, Exilium from Alterna Comics, Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: The Night I Died  from Titan, Jon Sable: Freelance Ashes of Eden from ComicMix, In Waves by AJ Dungo from Nobrow, The Spirit Volume 1: Angel Smerti , The History of the Marvel Universe , Marvels: Epilogue , Invisible Woman #1, Coda Volume 2 from BOOM!, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #4, The Boys on Amazon Prime, Frank Cho's Ballpoint Beauties from Flesk, Matthew Allison's Sweet Sepulcher II , plus a whole mess more!

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Duration: 02:33:52

Posted on Aug 2, 2019 - 79 days 22 hours ago   from 11 O'Clock Comics

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